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November 2011 Archives

3 Californians arrested on Indian reservation for felony charges

Recently, up on the Robinson Rancheria Pomo Indian Reservation, police arrested three people who were supposedly behaving suspiciously. The arrests occurred at the casino there, and now three individuals are facing felony charges.

Medical marijuana grower charged with trafficking in California

A 63-year-old man appeared in a California court to try to prevent county authorities from removing the marijuana garden he maintains. The man has since been arrested on federal charges of drug trafficking. The allegations were said to be the culmination of a four-month-long investigation.

Drug trafficking conviction overturned by 9th Circuit Court

For many of those who may be facing federal drug charges, the rules concerning courtroom behavior may seem complicated and confusing. Lawyers and judges are bound by certain rules that must be obeyed, and when those rules are not obeyed, appeals courts can intervene. This was the case when a California federal appeals court threw out a drug trafficking conviction because of a San Diego prosecutor's statement to jurors.

Feds allege gangs turning to white collar crimes

Gang activity is said to be on the rise in California and across the country, with estimates that upwards of one and a half million people are gang members. That figure is up some 40 percent from just two years ago, although some of the increase is likely due to more detailed reporting techniques by authorities. The northeast and southwest sections of the U.S. are cited as areas experiencing the greatest growth. It is also claimed that gangs have become more entrepreneurial, branching out to white collar crimes, such as mortgage fraud, bank fraud and selling pirated video games.

3 Ventura County residents face federal charges

According to the U. S. Attorney's Office, authorities recently made federal firearms and drug trafficking charges against two men and one woman from Ventura County, California. The arrests were made in connection with an undercover police operation targeting alleged California gang members. Several law enforcement agencies have taken part in the operation, which has reportedly spanned a number of months and resulted in a total of six arrests.