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February 2012 Archives

Court rules against company for computer crimes

These days, more and more aspects of our lives are entering into the digital realm, as many people are documenting their lives on various social networking websites. One social networking company was blocked in their efforts by a California court as they were found in violation of state and federal computer crime laws.

Biker gang member convicted of federal weapons crime, murder

Motorcycle gangs have developed a unique place in popular culture. However, one California man, who is connected with a California chapter of the Mongols biker gang, was recently convicted of federal firearms offenses and murder. He will likely face serious penalties when he is sentenced in a couple months.

California man admits to tax evasion, embezzling wine

A California man pled guilty to multiple federal charges, including tax evasion. The man faces nearly 30 years in prison and other penalties as a result of his conviction. Before being convicted, the man owned a large warehouse at which premium wine was stored for a fee. The man admitted that he embezzled wine, failed to report income to the IRS and set his wine warehouse on fire.

Lance Armstrong investigated for drug trafficking, no charges filed

Most people in Sacramento know who Lance Armstrong is, but it is likely that it is his cycling fans who are breathing a sigh of relief after the United States attorney for the Central District of California recently announced that its criminal investigation into allegations that Lance Armstrong was trafficking narcotics has been dropped. Prosecutors were considering filing federal drug trafficking charges against the cycling great after former teammate Floyd Landis implicated Armstrong in a team-wide doping scandal.

Mortgage fraud charges for Sacramento man

A federal grand jury handed down an indictment this week charging a Sacramento resident of mortgage fraud. The landscape of the housing market has seen extreme upheaval over the last decade. There was a point when home values were very high and it seemed like there was no way to lose when investing in residential property this led to an atmosphere in which credit and income checks were a mere formality because it was seemingly impossible for anyone to lose money.