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May 2012 Archives

California man turns water gun into shotgun, faces charges

Residents of California may not be aware of an emerging trend in gun manufacturing that could leave some facing federal firearms charges. Such an incident recently led to the arrest of a California man.

Rise in cyber attacks prompts expanded federal investigations

Cyber attacks have drastically increased in the past four years. Identity theft and impersonation of government officials to obtain financial information are among the most common forms of Internet crimes, perpetrated using a variety of methods.

Multi-state mortgage fraud allegations lead to arrests

A pair was recently arrested and charged with federal white collar crimes that stretched from California to at least five other states. Investigators claim that their alleged multi-state mortgage fraud scheme stripped investors of funds totaling more than $45 million.

Federal officials issue weapons, murder charges against 19 people

In a major move, federal law enforcement officials recently announced that they have arrested and charged 19 people in connection with a 2010 California incident that resulted in the death of three individuals. According to their announcement, the criminal charges filed include federal firearms offenses, racketeering and murder.

Lawmakers urged to revisit federal child porn sentences

One of the most polarizing issues in the California criminal law arena is the topic of child pornography. This computer crime has become the subject of strident debate within the legal realm, as many consider the current federal sentencing recommendations to be too heavy-handed. At the same time, political figures do not want to appear to be lenient if they revise the sentences.