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June 2012 Archives

Gun discovered in California linked to 2007 out-of-state robbery

The illegal possession of firearms and federal firearms offenses are major crimes. They are crimes that law enforcement takes very seriously, so people may end up dealing with authorities who are very eager to move forward with charges. In many cases, weapons are trafficked over state borders, which could be connected to other federal firearms charges. These firearms may work their way from the black market into the regular market for personal firearms.

Feds raid Sacramento dispensary for illegal drug trafficking

California is known for its open stance on medicinal marijuana. Throughout the state, medical marijuana dispensaries function openly and in full view of the public. The openness of the trade stems from the fact that California legalized the sale of medical marijuana years ago, despite opposition from the federal government.

Three men sentenced in federal insider trading conspiracy

White-collar crimes, such as insider trading, are receiving more and more attention as news of alleged corruption in some of the world's largest financial institutions continues to make headlines across California. Distrust and public ire previously reserved for public officials, is now being directed at the executives and CEO's that run these multi-national institutions.

Federal grand jury indicts 30 in alleged drug trafficking scheme

The owners of two California indoor gardening stores and 28 other people are facing federal drug trafficking charges for allegedly operating a large marijuana distribution ring. A grand jury recently indicted the group of 30 for violating federal drug trafficking laws.