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September 2012 Archives

High bail set for California man for comments made online

Internet crime, also known as cyber crime, is a broad range of illegal activity that can range from the very minor to the very serious. Internet crimes include everything from phishing scams and identity theft, to cyber bullying and even cyber terrorism. Some crimes can include very serious charges with severe penalties. That is why, no matter what charge a person faces, it is important to get the best possible criminal defense from very beginning.

Former Sacramento mortgage broker sentenced to 14 years in prison

The umbrella of white collar crime describes a bevy of criminal offenses, primarily motivated personal financial gain. The most common forms of white collar crimes are probably tax evasion, money laundering or insider trading. Over the last decade, however, mortgage fraud has topped the list, with prosecutors cracking down on violators.

Legislator facing charges for alleged tax fraud

Tax fraud can encompass a whole host of activities, from creating shelter companies to hide assets to simply refusing to pay taxes. Both activities are taken seriously and both require an equally serious defense. Tax fraud is one of the most common forms of white-collar crimes. California residents facing state or federal investigations into tax fraud might be interested in a recent case involving a South Carolina legislator charged with tax fraud.

California man accused of infiltrating county's computers

With growing concern over safety and security the government is beginning to place an increasing interest in Internet crimes, particularly those that target government computers. Computer hackers who target sensitive systems, whether they involve attacks on infrastructure or attempts to acquire information, can face serious criminal penalties