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November 2012 Archives

California men face federal charges for lying to obtain loans

An Elk Grove man and his brother have been charged with federal offenses for allegedly engaging in student loan fraud. Essentially, fraud is a form of theft that involves the intentional deception of another to obtain something of value. The elements of fraud include misrepresentation of facts that ultimately result in an entity's financial loss or injury.

Agents arrest multiple men on federal trafficking charges

An arrest for federal drug charges can be life-changing. A person convicted on federal drug charges, such as a federal drug trafficking charges or even simply possession, can face a real possibility of serving time in a prison. Because of this, it is important for anyone facing federal drug charges to take their defense of the charges seriously. This means waging a strong defense aggressively and early. It could be the difference between freedom and jail.

California man arrested for $50 million Ponzi scheme

A Ponzi scheme is a form of white-collar crime that involves investment fraud. In recent years, Ponzi schemes and other white-collar crimes have received considerable attention, as many large schemes have become public. In particular, Ponzi schemes became well known following the very public trials of businessman Tom Petters and financier Bernard Madoff.

San Diego State student arrested, may face weapons charges

In today's cultural climate law enforcement agents throughout the United States take weapons charges very seriously. With so many school shootings and workplace shootings, the recent assault in Aurora, Colorado and the fear of terrorism, it is all too easy to get caught up in the web of fear that permeates the country. That is why it is so important for those facing charges for state or federal firearms offenses to contact a defense attorney immediately.

California doctor facing felony drug charges

As a society, we have a certain image in our collective consciousness of what a criminal suspect should look like. Despite these beliefs, people from every race, gender and social and wealth class find themselves facing state and federal drug charges. That is certainly the case in California, as it is in all U.S. states.