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December 2012 Archives

California man pleads guilty to cross-country drug trafficking

Drug trafficking refers to the sale and distribution of illegal narcotics. Penalties for federal drug trafficking charges tend to be more severe than the penalties handed down for a possession conviction. Under federal law, a person convicted of moving 500 grams of cocaine faces a minimum 5-year sentence. A second offense doubles the minimum prison sentence. Recently, a California man pled guilty to trafficking multiple kilos of cocaine between states.

Three California men accused of federal terrorist crimes

Multiple California men stand accused federal crimes related to alleged terrorist activity. The men are being accused by federal prosecutors of conspiring to join alongside al Qaeda and Taliban militants in Afghanistan for the purposes of training. Three of the men were indicted together on charges of conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. A fourth man has also been charged with federal crimes related to terrorism, but was charged separately.

Scam sends numerous defendants to jail, many more awaiting trial

A jury in Orange County recently convicted multiple professionals for insurance fraud. The scheme was estimated to have cost insurance companies more than $150 million. According to prosecutors, healthy patients were recruited for dangerous and medically unnecessary procedures in order to bill the insurance companies. White collar crimes such as insurance fraud are a big target for federal prosecutors these days.

California to Minnesota drug trafficking operation busted

Drug trafficking charges can carry serious penalties. Federal and state laws penalize the distribution and trafficking of illegal substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine. Penalties for federal drug trafficking charges, however, are particularly harsh, something one Minnesota man and his nine co-defendants are currently learning all too well.