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January 2013 Archives

Priest arrested on federal drug trafficking charges

There have been a number of high-profile busts of drug trafficking organizations in recent months. Many of the alleged drug trafficking operations have originated in California with shipments of cocaine and marijuana traveling to the mid-west and beyond. In the most recent investigation multiple individuals from Connecticut and California were arrested in a methamphetamine drug trafficking operation that allegedly spanned the entire United States.

Sacramento accountant arrested for $4 million tax fraud scheme

The pressure to crack down on white-collar crimes seems to be increasing every week. From Ponzi schemes to tax fraud, there is simply no end to the arrests that are coming from the Department of Justice against California residents for alleged involvement in white-collar crimes. The following is a story about a Sacramento area accountant who was recently accused of committing fraud in an elaborate tax scheme worth $4 million.

Midwest drug ring with connections to California busted

One important duty of a defense attorney is to help identify and secure the best possible venue for defendant's case to be heard. How the prosecutor ultimately charges a person depends upon the unique details of each case. As Sacramento readers may know, a person facing drug trafficking charges will likely face serious penalties. The difference between federal drug charges and state drug charges can have serious consequences.

Online impersonator laws may lead to free speech issues

Arizona may be joining California and multiple other states by making it a crime for people to create online accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter accounts. Account creation becomes illegal if the account is made in the name of someone else, without the person's permission and for malicious reasons. The new law is certainly not the first of its kind, but it does demonstrate the growing pressure on state legislatures to crack down on a rise in computer crimes, particularly those involving fraud.

Man arrested in California for international wire fraud

Fraud is a common form of white-collar crime and it can include a variety of activities. One form of fraud is wire fraud. Wire fraud refers to the use of deceit to secure money or property through the use of interstate wires. This includes the use of television, radio, telephone or computer. The following is a brief account of one man's arrest in California for his alleged involvement in wire fraud and other white-collar crimes.