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February 2013 Archives

Feds conduct multiple arrests in white collar crime operation

Many, if not most, white collar crimes involve various forms of fraud. Fraud, in general, is a crime that involves one party intentionally or willfully deceiving another for some form of financial reward. One especially common form of white collar crime is securities fraud. Securities fraud describes a variety of activities, such as insider trading that utilize various forms of deception to manipulate the marketplace for financial gain, which is what happened in a recent case involving people from California and a number of other states.

New bill increases penalties for federal weapons crimes

Guns have been a major topic of discussion lately. While some lawmakers focus on what they consider the underlying causes of firearms crimes, other legislators focus on regulating the weapons themselves. While agreement may be sparse these days, it appears that the U.S House of Representatives has outlined a plan to increase the penalties for those convicted of federal firearms offenses.

California men charged for federal drug trafficking offenses

Federal investigations have resulted in two separate cases in the same county involving drug charges. Multiple California men are facing charges for federal crimes involving significant quantities of controlled substances.

California men facing federal charges for hate crimes

In the U.S. there are state and federal courts. Which court hears a given case is largely a question of jurisdiction. Jurisdiction refers to the type of case a court may hear. In general, state courts receive their authority to hear cases from the state, while federal courts receive their authority from the U.S. Constitution. A recent incident in which three California men are facing federal charges may help illustrate why certain cases are heard by one court over another.