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May 2013 Archives

Woman faces decade to life for alleged sex trafficking

Federal law enforcement agencies have increased their efforts to crack down on sex trafficking throughout the United States. If convicted of a federal offense for sex trafficking, individuals can face stiff penalties, including long prison terms, fines and a lifetime of sex offender registration and state supervision.

Father and son face federal white-collar crime charges

White-collar crime is a broad legal term that includes a variety of criminal activities. One of the most common types of white-collar crime is fraud. While fraud itself is a broad term, it is generally defined as an act involving dishonesty used to induce some behavior or act on behalf of the victim. What distinguishes a white-collar crime involving fraud from other forms of fraud is the motivation. In a white-collar crime the motivation is always financial.

Federal sentencing for drug trafficking can be harsh

Penalties for federal drug trafficking in the United States can vary depending on the specific drug offense. Under the federal sentencing guidelines, cocaine and methamphetamine are schedule II narcotics. In addition to the particular type of illegal substance the guidelines also factor in quantity. Whatever the specific drug charges may be, California residents accused of federal drug crimes may be interested in learning more about how these cases play out.

California man receives reduction in charges after plea agreement

Approximately 90 percent of criminal cases in the United States settle through a plea agreement. A plea agreement is an arrangement negotiated between the defense and the prosecution in order to resolve a criminal case before it goes to trial. In many cases, plea agreements can be beneficial to both defendants and the prosecution. With federal crimes, a well-negotiated plea agreement can mean the difference between years in prison and a long happy life.