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August 2013 Archives

Federal investigation results in multiple sex crimes arrests

Individuals accused of sex crimes can be charged under federal or state law. While the consequences for sex offenses under California state law are severe, the penalties for federal charges are often significantly worse. The following is a brief account of 12 individuals who were recently arrested and charged following a federal investigation into alleged crimes involving minors that occurred in California.

Over a dozen arrested following drug trafficking investigation

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on suspected drug trafficking activity along the heavily-traveled border that separates the United States from Mexico. While the border has always been a hot spot for criminal activity, the growing power and influence of many Mexican drug cartels in and around Mexico's border towns has led to an important development: federal investigators are putting in more time and energy investigating and prosecuting federal drug trafficking offenses.

Federal indictments brought in prison drug trafficking case

Federal authorities in Southern California have been cracking down hard on drug trafficking crime. Federal agents often engage in long-term investigations in order to identify suspects and prosecute alleged crimes to the fullest extent of the law. While any federal drug charge can result in serious penalties, federal drug trafficking offenses can result in exceptionally long prison terms, in addition to massive financial penalties.

Four charged with fraud and conspiracy in insurance scam

White-collar crimes can include any number of criminal activities. The most common types of white-collar crimes, however, involve fraud. The reason is that both fraud and white-collar crimes often use deceit to obtain financial gain. While some view white-collar crimes as less serious than other criminal activities, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Southern California prosecutes individual's accused of white-collar crime aggressively.

Federal government cracks down on California fraud scheme

Federal crimes involving fraud encompass a broad range of offenses. While there are many different fraud offenses, a federal offense involving fraud always includes some form of deceitful conduct, false statement or misrepresentation for the purpose of gaining something of value. Penalties for federal crimes involving fraudulent acts may include substantial fines, asset forfeiture, jail sentences, probation or all of the above.