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September 2013 Archives

Federal agents in California crack down on sex trafficking

The Federal Bureau of investigation and the U.S. Department of Justice take the federal offense of human sex trafficking very seriously. Individuals convicted of the federal offense face serious consequences such as long jail terms, financial penalties and classification as a sex offender. The federal crime of human sex trafficking is generally defined as forced prostitution. The crime has been a large target of federal agents.

California border officer charged with weapons trafficking

Federal weapons charges can come with serious consequences. From owning illegal weapons, to selling or trading illegal firearms on the black market, individual's accused of federal firearms offenses face harsh penalties from long prison sentences to hefty fines. California readers may find the following story about a California border patrol officer recently accused of shipping military grade weapons overseas interesting.

Temecula woman charged with money laundering and embezzlement

There are a variety of white-collar crimes ranging from money laundering to embezzlement. The term "white-collar crime" refers to crimes of deceit motivated by financial gain. These crimes are also generally committed by business or government professionals. With so many recent high-profile white-collar crimes in the news, prosecutors are putting an ever-increasing amount of time and energy into going after these financially motivated illicit activities.

IRS goes after Bay-area women for federal tax fraud

Uncle Sam has a precarious sense of humor. Rather than letting bygones be bygones, federal prosecutors have a tendency to prosecute what it perceives as crimes against the government very seriously. One of the most common federal crimes committed against the government involves tax fraud. Individuals facing federal accusations for tax fraud can face long prison sentences, huge financial penalties and much more.