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January 2014 Archives

Website developer faces federal charges for hacking

California readers may be familiar with Hunter Moore, often referred to as the "revenge porn king." Moore, a California native, created a website, which reportedly posted provocative photos of woman and men that were provided or uploaded by jilted ex-lovers. While the website has long-been a source of controversy, it was reported that Moore and a business associate were just recently indicted for multiple federal crimes in a California federal court that are related to the now notorious website.

Feds arrest 10 for California to Oregon drug trafficking ring

Federal drug trafficking charges are very serious offenses. Individuals found guilty of the federal crimes of drug trafficking can face stiff penalties, including long prison sentences, hefty fines, and long and invasive probationary periods. Whenever someone is accused of a federal drug crime such as drug trafficking, it may be in their best interest to seek an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney to ensure that they receive the best representation possible, as well as the fair trial that they deserve.

Feds crack down on human sex trafficking network

In recent years the federal government has placed new efforts on targeting individuals that are believed to be involved in human sex trafficking. Generally speaking human sex trafficking is defined as a form of slavery which involves the sexual exploitation of people for profits, usually through prostitution. Due to an increase in concern among various state legislatures over these issues there is currently a patchwork of state and federal laws that address the crime of human trafficking.

Former Innkeeper facing allegations of fraud

Being accused of a crime related to the work environment is often serious and could damage their personal and professional reputation. This involves a broad range of criminal activities from embezzlement and wire fraud to ponzi schemes and more. While the term white collar crime is broad, what these crimes tend to have in a common is that they involve crimes of deceit motivated by financial award. While federal authorities take all federal crimes seriously, in recent years there has been an increased focus on white collar crimes.

Police seize illegal marijuana in traffic stop of California man

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution protects the citizens of the United States from an unreasonable search and seizure of their property and persons. If a police officer or government agent fails to perform a lawful search and obtains evidence of an illegal activity the evidence is often deemed inadmissible in court. This can include any evidence of a drug trafficking offense that is obtained during an ordinary traffic stop.