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February 2014 Archives

State legislator faces serious time for public corruption

Pubic corruption is a broad term that refers to a breach or abuse of the public's trust by a federal, state or local government official. Common crimes related to public corruption charges include bribery and money laundering, kickbacks and embezzlement, as well as wire and tax fraud. Due to the aggressive prosecution of federal crimes related to public corruption, public officials accused of such crimes face an uphill battle.

California tax preparers face allegations of alleged fraud

With April 15 is quickly approaching, federal investigators will be carefully reviewing federal tax filings for the possibility of fraud. The actual incidents of tax fraud in the U.S. are small. When it does occur, federal authorities take the crime seriously. California residents facing charges for white-collar crimes, such as tax fraud, might find the following article on a series of recent arrests for federal tax fraud activity informative.

Federal authorities crackdown on gang activity

Federal law enforcement authorities from the DEA to the ATF take the enforcement of federal criminal law very seriously. The same is true for the federal attorneys who prosecute these cases. That is also why it is vital for individuals accused of federal crimes, such federal firearm offenses to consult with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. It could very well have a substantial effect on the outcome of your case.

Seven arrested in methamphetamine drug trafficking operation

Drug trafficking is a serious criminal offense with serious, long-term consequences. Both states and the federal government have laws targeting serious drug offenses, such as trafficking. Due to the nature of drug trafficking, which often includes multiple jurisdictions and cross-boarder activity, individuals accused of trafficking illegal substances will likely face federal drug trafficking charges, instead of state charges.