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March 2014 Archives

California man arrested attempting to join terrorist group

Some federal charges are significantly more disturbing than others. In fact, in today's political environment, probably one of the most troubling federal charges a person can face is a federal terrorism charge. California readers may have heard about a California college student's recent arrest for federal crimes related to terrorism.

Boats move further up coast in drug trafficking operations

With close proximity to Central and South America, drug trafficking is big business in California. Because of this, federal and state authorities monitor the area closely for illegal activity. While many of us think about the boarder guards and fences strewn across the United States and Mexican boarder, some major policing actually takes place at sea. California readers may find the following blog on drug trafficking interesting.

Family faces federal drug charges for alleged CA-based operation

A federal grand jury recently returned drug distribution indictments for a couple and the couple's adult son. The investigation into the couple allegedly revealed that marijuana was grown in California and then transported to another state where it was sold. Each of the three was charged with one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute marijuana and with one count of aiding and abetting possession with intent to distribute marijuana.

California man accused of making child pornography

People can assume a variety of different identities while on the internet. People can be whoever they want and say whatever they want, with very few real-life consequences. However, the internet is still closely monitored by federal authorities who are trying to stop people from taking advantage of the anonymity the internet provides by conducting illegal activity.