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April 2014 Archives

AG takes down major California drug trafficking operation

While there may be subtle shifts taking place in public perception concerning the war on drugs, authorities continue to aggressively target people for state and federal drug crimes. And, in California, while the scope of state and federal drug offenses is broad, federal authorities are putting a lot of resources into federal drug trafficking operations. California residents may have heard about a recent drug bust that caught quite a bit of media attention.

Senator faces serious penalties for white collar crimes

A few weeks back, we wrote about the indictment of California State Senator, Leland Yee, for federal crimes involving public corruption. The allegations of white collar crimes, such as bribery and embezzlement, were serious enough. However, since that time, the full scope of the federal investigation and the allegations against Senator Yee has become very public. The charges now extend beyond white collar crimes to allegations of federal firearm offenses, federal drug crimes and even murder-for-hire.

Mexican police officer arrested for trafficking methamphetamine

Drug trafficking or distribution refers to the sale, transportation and importation of illegal substances such as marijuana, methamphetamine and other unlawful controlled substances. While the penalties for federal drug offenses range dramatically, individuals convicted of drug offenses are likely to face stiff fines and prison. It is also important to note that both federal and state laws are implicated in most drug trafficking cases.

Attorney General steps up efforts to curb drug trafficking

With its proximity to the Mexican border, San Diego has long been a hot spot for smugglers attempting to move drugs from Central and South America into the United States. According to the California Attorney General, drug trafficking in the region is bigger than ever, and she intends to do something about it. California residents may find interesting her conclusions about drug trafficking and a spike in methamphetamine smuggling.