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June 2014 Archives

Two Californians taken into custody on federal drug crime charges

Many Californians are aware of synthetic drugs known as "spice" or "bath salts." These drugs often include illegal chemicals which some claim are excessively dangerous, even deadly. For this reason, authorities aggressively pursue individuals who manufacture and distribute synthetic drugs. Those who find themselves butting heads with the police and federal agents may find themselves facing serious drug trafficking crimes, which can completely change an individual's life for the worse.

Federal gun crime charges levied against California man

Since weapons, in particular guns and explosives, are so dangerous, the law places strict guidelines on who and under what circumstances they can be owned. Failure to abide by these rules could result in allegations of federal firearms offenses, which might leave an accused individual with serious long-term consequences.

Four Californians charged with identity theft

The internet can be a lovely thing, offering its users access to information, organization tools, and accommodations. However, the web is also a place where crime occurs. Every year, many find themselves the victim of identity theft and identity fraud, which can leave them with extreme financial loss. While this is truly sad, since internet crimes are often difficult to trace, innocent individuals can wind up being accused of these serious offenses. These individuals, even if they feel as if the odds are against them, should be sure to put up the best defense possible in order to protect their legal rights and their freedom.

Five taken into custody in Sacramento on drug trafficking charges

A raid in Sacramento conducted by the Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration netted five individuals who authorities claim were trafficking narcotics. The arrests came after authorities received a tip that drugs were being sold out of a transmission business. After obtaining warrants, authorities raided the premises, arrested the five accused individuals, and allegedly seized two pounds of methamphetamine as well as marijuana and cocaine. The men accused in the case now face charges related to cocaine distribution, methamphetamine distribution, and conspiracy.