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March 2015 Archives

Understanding California felon in possession of a firearm laws

The Florida and federal governments closely regulate who can own and possess a firearm. Though the theory behind these laws is that they will keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of those who are more likely to cause harm and commit crimes, the fact of the matter is that many harmless individuals end up being accused of a criminal offense. As a result, these accused individuals face the very real possibility of significant penalties that could severely damage their lives.

Can I get in trouble for internet gambling?

Absolutely. Though the arena of online gambling has been in flux over the past decade or so, it has been sharply curtailed by federal law. In fact, one law makes it illegal for any person or institution to accept a financial instrument when it is related to illegal internet gambling. This includes credit, electronic fund transfers, checks, or the proceeds of another type of transaction which includes a financial institution. In fact, financial institutions must follow strict regulations to ensure they block or identify any unlawful transaction related to illegal internet gambling.

We may be able to challenge a prosecution's claims

As discussed in last week's post, the federal government aggressively seeks out those they believe have been trafficking narcotics. The DEA conducts intense and thorough investigations, which often lead to the seizure of drugs and the arrest of individuals. Federal drug trafficking charges are quite serious, and failing to adequately defend against them could cause you to face significant penalties that might be difficult to recover from.

The Drug Enforcement Administration and its effectiveness

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) investigates numerous federal drug crimes, often spending months, even years tracking alleged drug traffickers. Once they believe they have gathered enough evidence, federal agents move in and make arrests. In fact, in 2013, the DEA made more than 30,600 arrests. Though that number is slightly less than previous years, it is still a significant number, meaning that, each year, thousands of individuals find themselves facing federal charges.