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April 2015 Archives

What is extortion and how can it affect me if charged?

Extortion is a very serious white collar crime. White collar crimes are those that often involve some sort of illegal financial gain. Extortion, in short, occurs when you acquire property or money by threatening an individual, his or her loved ones, or property. It can also occur if you falsify your claim of right to the property or money. You might think this crime sound like robbery, since there is an element of intimidation or threat, but extortion differs in that the threat does not pose an immediate risk of harm.

Battling aggressive prosecutors requires a strong defense

Our last post on the blog discussed bank robbery and its potential penalties. If you are facing robbery charges or other criminal allegations, then you might be in for a fight. Federal prosecutors are aggressive, and they often seek not only a conviction, but also the strictest penalties allowable under the law. As mentioned last week, for example, people can face 20 years or more if convicted, depending on the underlying circumstances of the case.

Bank robbery and its penalties

Federal investigators handle a wide variety of crimes. Amongst those offenses is bank robbery. Bank robbery and attempted bank robbery are taken extremely seriously by the federal government, and a criminal conviction for such a crime could land an individual in prison for up to 20 years. This lengthy sentence, in addition to imposed fines, can really take a toll on an individual's life, making it extremely difficult for the person to get it back on track.

Child pornography charges levied against Sacramento man

Sacramento criminal accusations can seriously damage or even completely ruin an individual's life. Therefore, those who are accused of committing a crime, no matter the type, should defend themselves accordingly. However, offenses related to the sexual exploitation of children are perhaps the most aggressively prosecuted, meaning that failing to adequately defend one's self could lead to the harshest penalties allowable under the law.