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May 2015 Archives

What is ransomware in the eyes of the legal system?

As the use of technology expands into every facet of our daily lives, more and more opportunities for brushes with the law arise. Yet, due to the complexities of the Internet and the latest technology, it can be difficult for authorities to track down those they believe are responsible for Internet and computer crimes. Therefore, innocent Californians may find themselves facing allegations of wrongdoing when they least expect it.

Facing weapons charges? Seek out an ally in your legal battle

Our blog post last week focused on who is prohibited from owning a firearm. It is a long list, but one that Californians should be aware of. If you fail to know the law, then you could find yourself facing very serious allegations. And when it comes to federal firearms offenses, the law does not proceed with a delicate touch.

Who is disallowed from owning a firearm?

The federal laws surrounding gun possession, sales and transfers can be long and confusing. Yet, unfamiliarity with these laws can lead to a legal nightmare. It is therefore in an individual's best interests to learn of these laws, particularly if facing criminal charges. Only by having this knowledge can a criminal defendant make the legal choices that are right for him or her.

Port chief accused of fraud

Every day, Californians are faced with decisions that fall within gray areas. Is it okay to accept money under certain circumstances? Is it alright to give benefits to friends? Will you get in trouble for failing to report certain acts? These are all very important questions, and going one way or the other could mean the difference between a good business or personal decision and facing criminal allegations.

How are drugs scheduled?

Back in December we discussed how the penalties for a federal drug offense are often dependent upon the drug that was involved and how it fits into the federal drug schedule. This is highly important information for those facing drug charges, but it might also be helpful to understand why a drug is scheduled the way it is. This way, an accused individual is able to go into his or her legal defense fully informed of what he or she is up against.