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June 2015 Archives

What is an advanced fee scheme?

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. Though this has been a major improvement for our economy, it has also caused many complications in several Californians' personal lives. Far too often, those trying to conduct business online find themselves facing criminal accusations. When allegations arise, the accused individual needs to fight back to avoid what could be life-altering penalties.

What is police misconduct?

Californians who have been following the news probably have a sense that there has been a rash of episodes involving police offers and accusations of excessive force. Though we cannot speak on any of these individual cases, we can say that police misconduct does occur. Does that mean that all police officers who use force are breaking the law? Absolutely not. Our law enforcement officers have a difficult job that often requires split-second decisions and sound judgement. Though an outcome during the course of employment may not be as positive as one hopes, that does not mean that he or she should be criminally punished.

California man accused of distributing child pornography

The federal government and the state of California have zero tolerance for sex crimes, particularly those related to children. So when Californians are accused of committing sex offenses, they are up against an aggressive force that has lots of resources at its disposal. Therefore, these individuals cannot afford to forego a proper criminal defense or remain ignorant of the law. Instead, those who are facing criminal allegations should be proactive in their defense, fighting tooth and nail to protect their well-being and their legal rights.

What could happen if I face a Medicare fraud investigation?

There are a lot of federal crimes that can affect nearly every profession. Those who work in professions that require billing may be especially susceptible to fraud allegations. Alleged wrongdoing like price fixing, overcharging, and misrepresenting services could all give rise to criminal charges, leaving individuals in need of strong legal representation. If you are a medical professional, then you may be concerned about being accused of Medicare fraud which could carry significant penalties if convicted.