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December 2015 Archives

California's black market seeing more ghost guns

Although our Constitution gives us the right to own firearms, the U.S. government has placed several restrictions on gun transactions and ownership. Guns must typically be bought and sold by licensed dealers, and those seeking to purchase a firearm usually must be subjected to a background check. However, some areas of federal gun laws are relaxed, which could lead to an individual being charged with a federal gun crime.

Federal law as it applies to switchblades

When discussing federal weapons crimes, many people may think of assault rifles and explosives ownership. Yet, the law is even more wide-reaching than that. Federal law places limitations on weapon transport, the possession of certain ammunition and even the manufacture, distribution and possession of certain knives. Being convicted of a federal crime is no laughing matter. It could result in several years in prison, excessive fines and irreparable damage to an individual's reputation. For this reason, those who face allegations of criminal wrongdoing should try to fully inform themselves of the law.

What is mortgage fraud?

Owning a home is part of the American dream. However, as with any transaction, there is the possibility that allegations of cheating and stealing will be made. With regard to purchasing a home, this is often referred to as mortgage fraud. This crime can take many forms, but regardless of the form, it is treated very seriously by prosecutors, especially after the housing calamity that occurred during the Great Recession.

Federal witness tampering is taken very seriously

There are many pieces to a criminal case. There are procedural matters, physical evidence, and witness testimony that all must be addressed, and failing to do so properly could result in undesired consequences. However, when it comes to witnesses, a criminal defendant must be very careful, as certain actions towards those individuals could result in additional criminal charges that can carry significant penalties.

Armed with legal knowledge and skill, we fight for our clients

Our last blog post discussed how the government illegally tapped phones, which led to the arrests of many people. This is a serious matter, as illegally obtained evidence does not only affect the individuals in this particular case but many others throughout California as well. Some defendants facing federal drug charges may fail to realize that the law is full of rules. Not just ones that say individuals should not commit crimes, but also about how the criminal justice system must play out. Any violation of those rules could lead to a major turning point in a case for either the prosecution or the defense.