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March 2016 Archives

Californian informants in the investigation of federal crimes

Federal investigators have a lot of tools at their disposal, especially as technology has evolved over the years. However, despite the technology at their disposal, many investigators and prosecutors rely on information provided by others. Often, law enforcement agents attempt to get those who are close to a suspect to provide the government with information that could lead to an arrest and prosecution. These individuals are known as criminal informants, and they are used throughout California.

Environmental crime allegations should not be taken lightly

In nearly every aspect of our lives, our actions are shaped by the law. The way we drive, deal with our anger, and even break up with spouses are molded by the law. The same is true when it comes to disposing of waste. With growing concern about global warming and planetary pollution, the federal government has stepped up its efforts to criminally punish Californians they believe are causing harm to the Earth.

Our legal team is competent with white collar crime cases

Last week on this blog, we discussed a case where a former business executive faces white collar crime charges for allegedly altering his company's financial documents. Financial crimes, also known as white collar crimes, encompass a large area of the law. Californians who face such allegations are in for a fight, as aggressive prosecutors look to give a strong voice to those who have lost money. When facing such zealous prosecution, those accused of a financial crime will need to draft and deliver an equally prepared and strong criminal defense.

California executive accused of falsifying financial documents

Running a business in California can be challenging on many levels. Decisions regarding hiring and firing employees, to expand or contract markets and implement new business practices occur all the time. These decisions can change the dynamic of a business. Another issue that business executives must contend with are those relating to financial matters. Accounting practices, audits and cash handling can all present their own problems, which can seep into the criminal arena and cause an individual to come face-to-face with very serious allegations.

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Over the last couple of decades, technology has become an increasingly important, and oftentimes necessary, part of our lives. Californians spend much of their working and leisure time on their phones, computers and smart gadgets, which connect everyone across the country and the world. However, with access to such a wide network of computers, individuals can find themselves being accused of going where they should not and wind up facing federal criminal charges.