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April 2016 Archives

California man accused of using the Internet to sell drugs

Technology has revolutionized our world. It has changed the way our economy functions, the way information is dispersed and how we entertain ourselves. But, it has also expanded the ways in which crimes can be committed. Though, many believe that the Internet is only used to commit fraud and identity theft, its utilization far exceeds that, which could spell trouble for California residents.

What to know when facing drug trafficking charges

Whether Californians want to believe it or not, the war on drugs is still being waged. Every day, individuals are slapped with federal drug trafficking charges that carry severe penalties. These penalties can strip an individual of his or her future and freedom. It can also devastate a family. Therefore, those who are facing federal drug crime allegations need to be prepared to fight for their lives. The first way to do this is to know what, exactly, they are facing.