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Environmental crime allegations should not be taken lightly

In nearly every aspect of our lives, our actions are shaped by the law. The way we drive, deal with our anger, and even break up with spouses are molded by the law. The same is true when it comes to disposing of waste. With growing concern about global warming and planetary pollution, the federal government has stepped up its efforts to criminally punish Californians they believe are causing harm to the Earth.

The federal crime appeals process in California

Losing a case in federal court can be soul-crushing. The penalties imposed can be daunting, to say the least, and the individual's family can be just as disheartened. The loss can seem to suck the hope out of a Californian's life. Nonetheless, he or she should remain strong because he or she may have a second chance to argue his or her position.

Conspiracy under federal law

Merely being accused of a federal crime can ruin an individual's reputation, and a conviction could lead to years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines and a criminal record that can make life extremely difficult. Although these penalties are a very real possibility for those who are alleged to have actually carried out the criminal act, even those who were part of thinking out and planning the alleged offense could face an uphill legal battle.

Tax evasion and its penalties

The New Year has arrived and many California residents may find themselves already thinking about their tax obligations from the previous year. Although for many people this is a time when they may look forward to a hefty tax return, for others it may be a process through which they find themselves facing federal charges for tax evasion.

The trafficking of children and its penalties

Many Californians do not realize that human trafficking is a major concern for our federal government. Men, women and children are forced into labor and sex trades, often in obscurity. In response, the federal government has tried to crack down on those who participate in this illegal activity by passing strict laws and enforcing serious penalties. However, when the government becomes eager to put a stop to crimes like these, they often wind up accusing individuals who do not deserve it.

Federal crimes: three accused of California wedding shams

The reach of federal law can be long. Because of this, many Californians may find themselves facing criminal allegations, either for activities that they did not know where criminal, or they may be wrongly accused of a federal offense. For this reason, it is often imperative that those facing criminal charges find a way to create a defense strategy that protects their best interests. This often means speaking with a qualified attorney, negotiating with prosecutors and presenting a defendant's side of the story through litigation.

Even the penalties for small federal offenses can be devastating

Oftentimes when we talk about federal crimes, we discuss offenses that carry severe penalties that may include decades behind bars and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. Though many federal crimes fall into this category, there are many others that are relatively minor. Yet, those accused of these seemingly lesser crimes should still zealously defend themselves against the charges, as failing to do so could still have a significantly negative impact on his or her life.

What is police misconduct?

Californians who have been following the news probably have a sense that there has been a rash of episodes involving police offers and accusations of excessive force. Though we cannot speak on any of these individual cases, we can say that police misconduct does occur. Does that mean that all police officers who use force are breaking the law? Absolutely not. Our law enforcement officers have a difficult job that often requires split-second decisions and sound judgement. Though an outcome during the course of employment may not be as positive as one hopes, that does not mean that he or she should be criminally punished.

What could happen if I face a Medicare fraud investigation?

There are a lot of federal crimes that can affect nearly every profession. Those who work in professions that require billing may be especially susceptible to fraud allegations. Alleged wrongdoing like price fixing, overcharging, and misrepresenting services could all give rise to criminal charges, leaving individuals in need of strong legal representation. If you are a medical professional, then you may be concerned about being accused of Medicare fraud which could carry significant penalties if convicted.

Battling aggressive prosecutors requires a strong defense

Our last post on the blog discussed bank robbery and its potential penalties. If you are facing robbery charges or other criminal allegations, then you might be in for a fight. Federal prosecutors are aggressive, and they often seek not only a conviction, but also the strictest penalties allowable under the law. As mentioned last week, for example, people can face 20 years or more if convicted, depending on the underlying circumstances of the case.